TALENTS Final Conference in Brussels

On 18-20 June 2019 the TALENTS (“New Talents for Companies – Developing the potentials of immigrants and refugees”) partners met in Brussels for the last time within the project’s framework to polish their intellectual outputs (such as training curricula and an evaluation study) and reflect on the pilot initiatives of a fast-track model for the integration of migrants that has been implemented during the last three years in Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway) and Stuttgart (Germany).

The meeting was organised by EARLALL and was divided in three parts: a project update meeting at Baden-Württemberg Representation to the EU, a multiplier event at the Oslo Region European Office and a wrap-up meeting at the Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU (hosting EARLALL Secretariat headquarters as holder of the network’s presidency).

On the first day, partner representatives gathered at Baden-Württemberg Representation to the EU to update each other on their latest activities. The TALENTS programme has been successfully implemented in Gothenburg (Cuben Utbildning school), Oslo (Adult Education Rosenhof), Offenburg and Stuttgart (coordinated by vhs Baden-Württemberg). Therefore, a study to assess the transferability of the fast-track model to other regions and countries is being carried out by the University of Florence with the support of all project partners, to be published in autumn 2019. The Austrian partner STVG is also evaluating the guidance process throughout the TALENTS programme and is eager to test its viability in the Styria region in the future.

During the second day, partner representatives welcomed stakeholders from Belgium and from all over Europe at Oslo Region European Office to introduce them to the TALENTS concept and present the project results so far. Representatives from the EU institutions, national and regional representations, and the school sector took actively part in a conference that presented the experiences with fast-track training, featuring video testimonies of students and company representatives, as well as interactive activities.

The conference was introduced and moderated by Andrea Bernert-Bürkle, project coordinator from vhs Baden-Württemberg, who underlined the importance of a strong relation between the public authorities, job centres, schools and companies. Then, the TALENTS pedagogical approach was presented by Johanna Togelid and Marcus Persson, from Cuben Utbildning, and Petter Yttereng (director of the Oslo VO Rosenhof adult education centre) explained the management model that allowed the implementation of such a programme in their school. Last but not least, Dr. Paolo Federighi, from the University of Florence, wrapped-up the conference and offered an academic perspective to help understand the various aspects of the life of newcomers that are affected by their participation in the TALENTS programme.

Finally, on Thursday, project partners shared their reflections about the conference and the project in a meeting that took place at the Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU. Final project results will be available in the second half of 2019.

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