TALENTS Project in Aachen: Workshop “Integrating immigrants by means of adult education” (EPALE)

EPALE conference in Aachen: Workshop “Integrating immigrants by means of adult education”

Volkshochschule Ulm and project partners will offer a workshop on the integration of migrants in European cities at the conference “Adult Education in Cities and Regions – a European perspective“- (8th and 9th of September, in Aachen, Germany).

Integrating immigrants by means of adult education – challenges on local and regional level

The integration of immigrants and refugees is currently a big challenge for cities and regions in Europe. Education is one important pillar of integration. Especially the sector of adult education is asked to offer effective language and vocational training which supports the fast integration of newly arrived people into society and the labour market.

Some cities in Europe developed special initiatives and instruments to integrate immigrants and refugees. Among them is the City of Ulm (Germany) which calls itself “Ulm. Internationale Stadt (Ulm. International City)”. In the workshop, Claudia Schoeppl of the Ulmer Volkshochschule will present new means of adult education that support integration in Ulm.

In a new ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership “New talents for companies – Developing the potentials of immigrants and refugees (TALENTS)”, several European cities and institutions work on local and regional initiatives of integration. Among the project partners are the cities of Göteborg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway) and Ulm (Germany) as well as partners from Graz (Austria), Firenze (Italy) and the European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning (EARLALL). The starting point of the Strategic Partnership is the “Hotel talents project” of the City of Göteborg which the project partners will further develop and transfer to other European cities and regions. Jugatx Ortiz, business manager of EARLALL, will present the TALENTS project as a good example of European local and regional cooperation in the field of adult education.

Workshop participants are also invited to critically discuss: Which local and regional policies and means of adult education are necessary and promising on the way to integration? And which kind of support from the national and European level is needed?

More info: https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/content/epaleconference-aachen-workshop-integrating-immigrants-means-adult-education


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